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Rota da Água - Janela do Inferno
Rota da Água – Janela do Inferno

Rota da Água – Janela do Inferno 

The Rota da Água – Janela do Inferno is a short hike leading you through a variety of tunnels, into a valley and eventually ending at a slightly smaller but all the more peculiar waterfall. The tour starts at a car park in Remedios. From own experience, we would not recommend going much further in the car. You can get pretty close to the destination in the car, but you can’t reach it directly, so you might as well walk. 

After the tunnels, you will reach an old aqueduct that has been repossessed by nature. Walk on a little further and you will arrive at the “window to hell”. Here, the small waterfall originates directly from a cave entrance that you can’t see into due to the immense difference in lighting. 

Janela do Inferno
Janela do Inferno

Salto da Inglesa

Salto da Inglesa in Parque da Grená is also associated with hiking. This waterfall cascades down in many area towards the Lagoa da Furnas (Furnas lake).

Parque da Grená - little waterfall
Parque da Grená – little waterfall

The waterfall is without a doubt the most impressive from the upper end of the park where the water falls down from great heights into the small base at the foot of the waterfall.

Parque da Grená - Salto da Inglesa
Parque da Grená – Salto da Inglesa

You can find out more information regarding the park, the dilapidated old manor house and, of course, the Salto da Inglesa here: Parque da Grená.

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