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Lost Places – Nature Always Wins

In places where it’s warm all year round and the humidity allows plants to grow, nature quickly takes back abandoned buildings – sometimes called Lost Places. Here, we will show you some of those Lost Places that are worth a visit for various reasons. 

Where the fizz originates

Even though it might not seem like it anymore, this place in Lombadas used to be a working “mineral water factory”. Well okay, you need to see the term “factory” in relation to the size of the island, but either way a lot of mineral water was bottled here. What’s special, even still today, is that the water running through the volcanic soil here is so heavily enriched with carbon dioxide that it emerges from the old pipelines as ready made sparkling water.  

Mineralwasser aus dem Boden
Mineral water directly from the ground

This water isn’t only sparkling from the get-go, it is also incredibly rich in minerals, especially iron. Walk up the stream for a little bit and you will be able to see the red iron residue. 

Eisen verfärbt das Wasser rot
Iron tints the water red

The path itself can surely be considered as another highlight. The narrow road which only allows for oncoming traffic in very few places should be travelled with caution, and you should probably leave it to your front-seat passenger to take pictures of the stunning view. 

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