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The Old Harbour by Feteira Pequena

The old harbour inbetween Achada and Feteira Pequena could easily have been included in my posts about waterfalls or the lost places. I like this place especially because you can really see the island’s rough side when there is a bit of wind. The coast is full of large rocks that come off every now and then and give the water a unique colour. Even the surge is impressive. Additionally, a small river flows across several mostly small waterfalls and through some natural pools and into the sea.

The adventure begins on the way here. The road very steep and can be slippery when it’s wet. It is best to drive to Feteira Pequena and, coming from the motorway, take the first road left down the hill. At the end of the road, take another left down the steep path towards Achada and follow it down to its lowest point (you will recognise it). There, take a right towards the coast. This path is a dead-end road ending by the old harbour. Below is a video of the way back, although the path to the right is a little steeper in reality than it may seem here. In reality, the difference in height between the beginning and the end of the video is about 200m.  

Way back from the old harbour by Feteira Pequena

The buildings at the top, which used to be toilets, aren’t even that old by the way. Initially, they were built around 25 years ago. Today, some of the local kids go swimming in the river in summer. The sea is too rough for swimming in this area. 

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