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Enjoy a virtual trip to the Azores! Plan a journey to São Miguel – we would love to have you as our guest at our holiday home – including plenty of tips and support in the planning and organisation.

Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Paz

Pico da Vara, the highest peak in São Miguel

Pico da Barrosa – São Miguel is at your feet

Rota da Tronqueira – through the middle of the jungle

Parque da Grená – nature and history

Hike to the Fábricas da Luz

Circular hike to Lagoa do Fogo

Hike Around the Pico da Mafra

Pico Queimado – A short hike with amazing views

A short trip from Achadinha to the Poço Azul

Hike to the waterfalls by Ribeira do Faial da Terra

Nordeste – Trip to the Ribeira do Guilherme

Furnas and the Pico do Ferro

Bolo Rei

Pastés de Nata – A sweet dream

Tea from Europe

Canyoning – a perfect day for all adventurers

The old Mills on São Miguel

Mata-Jardim José do Canto & Salto do Rosal

Nordeste and the Farol Ponta do Arnel

The best viewpoints

Holidays with Kids on São Miguel

Sunrises and Sunsets

How it all started

The 10th Island – São Miguel’s North East

Maia – Heart of the 10th Island

Whaling on the Azores

The Old Harbour by Feteira Pequena

Lost Places – Nature Always Wins

Island of the Many Lakes

The Best Beaches

Special Trips – Sailing Around Terceira Island

The most beautiful waterfalls (and their guardians)

The motive on the travel guides

Fish, octopuses, starfish and more

Whales and Dolphins

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