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Enjoy a virtual trip to the Azores! Plan a journey to São Miguel – we would love to have you as our guest at our holiday home – including plenty of tips and support in the planning and organisation.

Fajã do Araújo Walk

Walking tour around Lagoa Verde

Lomba D’El Rei walking tour near Achadinha, and the Azorean rhinoceros


The Casinha Dos Cinco Sentidos – your holiday home on São Miguel

Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Paz

Pico da Vara, the highest peak in São Miguel

Pico da Barrosa – São Miguel is at your feet

Rota da Tronqueira – through the middle of the jungle

Parque da Grená – nature and history

Hike to the Fábricas da Luz

Circular hike to Lagoa do Fogo

Hike Around the Pico da Mafra

Pico Queimado – A short hike with amazing views

A short trip from Achadinha to the Poço Azul

Hike to the waterfalls by Ribeira do Faial da Terra

Nordeste – Trip to the Ribeira do Guilherme

Furnas and the Pico do Ferro

Bolo Rei

Pastés de Nata – A sweet dream

Tea from Europe

Canyoning – a perfect day for all adventurers

The old Mills on São Miguel

Mata-Jardim José do Canto & Salto do Rosal

Nordeste and the Farol Ponta do Arnel

The best viewpoints

Holidays with Kids on São Miguel

Sunrises and Sunsets

How it all started

The 10th Island – São Miguel’s North East

Maia – Heart of the 10th Island

Whaling on the Azores

The Old Harbour by Feteira Pequena

Lost Places – Nature Always Wins

Island of the Many Lakes

The Best Beaches

Special Trips – Sailing Around Terceira Island

The most beautiful waterfalls (and their guardians)

The motive on the travel guides

Fish, octopuses, starfish and more

Whales and Dolphins

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