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Whether you visit the beach to relax when you’re on holiday, and which beaches you choose obviously depends on your personal preferences. You could simply relax on the beach, or go snorkeling and discover a wide variety of fish. Beaches with or near rock and stone formations are especially well-suited if you want to observe the underwater world directly at the beach. 

Sandy beaches

On São Miguel, the beaches best suited to just relaxing are probably the beaches in Ribeira Quente towards the south of the island, as well as Praia da Viola in the north. Both beaches have their own particular features that makes them worth a visit.

Praia da Viola

At Praia da Viola, you can spend your time without being disturbed all year round. You should be careful with swimming if wind from the north creates bigger waves, because the beach is unsupervised and the water hides big rocks in certain places.  

Praia da Viola
Praia da Viola

Usually there are only a few people around, although there are also two small waterfalls and a small stream that make the beach special. You don’t believe it? Here’s proof: 

You can get here via two separate paths. Either coming from a small carpark next to the ruin of a mill to the east, or from Maia to the west. The path from Maia originates immediately above the harbour and is slightly longer, but maybe also more interesting. The view and some images concerning the history of the area which you can find on the path are reason enough to choose this slightly longer path. You will also find a great Restaurantin Maia upon your return.

Ribeira Quente

Ribeira Quente is one of the largest and quietest beaches in terms of waves. It offers ample space for kids to play without getting in the way of other visitors trying to relax. Towards the front, which is supervised, there are some hot water springs directly within the sea water. Further back, you can observe how active the Azores still are while swimming. Most of the time, you will see some small gas bubbles arising from the ground. 

Ribeira Quente - der Strand zum Spielen
Beach at Ribeira Quente

You might also run (swim) into one of these at Ribeira Quente: 

geschwächte Schildkröte
weakened turtle

This weakened turtle – usually, turtles don’t come all the way to the beach – received first aid from the lifeguards on site and was then picked up and cared for by the biologists from Ponta Delgada. 

Áqua de Pau / Caloura

A beach we would recommend especially during the off-season is in Áqua de Pau / Caloura. Here, two beaches are separated by a rock, which results in the perfect combination of a beach for relaxing and great conditions for snorkeling. We were once lucky enough to observe a ray here. There is a small carpark directly by the beach which can be reached via a narrow street but is usually quite busy during the summer months. If you don’t mind walking a bit, you can just park in the village itself. During the off-season, this is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches. There is also a place to buy some snacks and food. 


By the Porto Formoso, you can find two small beaches. Directly by the Porto Formoso, there is a small beach by the fishing harbour.

Beach by the port of Porto Formoso
Beach by the port of Porto Formoso

A visit to the small village and the harbour is well worth your time, even if you don’t really want to visit the beach. The church “Nossa Senhora da Graça” sits above the harbour on a green hillside, and the colourful huts and fishing boats that can be seen ashore make for a lovely view.

Port of Porto Formoso
Porto Formoso

You are also able to watch the fishermen at work. Beyond the walls of the harbour, you can find the ruins of some buildings that used to be part of the port.

Ruin by the entrance to the Porto Formoso
Ruin by the entrance to the Porto Formoso


Just over a kilometre from the Porto Formoso, the Praia dos Moinhos can be found. This is a calmer beach with a small café. Directly next to the entrance, there are some old watermills, which give the beach its name.

Mill by the Praia dos Moinhos
Mill by the Praia dos Moinhos

The beach offers enough room for children to play and swim and is usually pretty empty, which is partly due to the fact that there is not much room for parking. The road on both sides of the beach’s entrance is small, narrow and very steep.

Praia dos Moinhos
Praia dos Moinhos

If you, like me when I took these pictures, visit São Miguel furing the off-season (I was there in late May), you probably won’t struggle to find a parking space.

If you like the Azores, and would like to spend some time on São Miguel yourself, then we would be more than happy to receive you in our holiday home. Find out more here. 
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